Monday, June 21, 2010

Long time no see

Wow. It's been so long. Well, I'm committed to posting weekly to this thing once again. I'm used to just posting on Facebook. You (whoever that is) will see pictures on this site again soon!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

We wait a really long time between updates.

Enjoy the new pictures. There is no common theme. I just picked random pictures I thought were cute or enjoyable. Landon is one now, Savannah starts homeschooling and Classical Conversations program in August and Addy is a bundle of personality.
I'll let you guess what holiday this is.
The best family picture I could get on the 4th of July. Notice Addy looking down. She was putting on her sad face because she didn't feel like doing pictures right then.
Addy hamming it up while waiting for gymnastics to start.
Running around while waiting for gymnastics to start.
I put Landon in this chair one day and he sat there for a really long time. he loved it. He doesn't usually sit still that long.
Addy waiting for our flight in Minneapolis, MN.
Mommy and Addy at Bay Beach in Green Bay, WI.
Savannah talked about roasting marshmallows all the way to Wisconsin. She was very excited about this activity.
Roasting marshmallows with Grandpa in Crivitz, WI. What a fun time!
On the way to my 1st birthday party. He had hand, foot and mouth disease on his party day, so not many friends were able to come to his party. The family had a great time though.
Eating the birthday cake. He did pretty good. He is the first of my children to actually eat the 1st birthday cake.
The birthday boy.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Oklahoma City Zoo

The family at the zoo (minus daddy who was taking the picture). We are not very good at getting family pictures at events.
I could just eat him up.

Watching the sea lions through the underground window. They stayed here quite awhile.

Of course we rode the carousel. When we don't we hear them ask about it all day.

Hangin' with Daddy

Riding in the stroller. He loves being outside.

Hamming it up on the train.

Addy on the train. She was sitting with a little boy she didn't know, so she was sitting as close to the edge as possible.

Not a zoo picture. She was just so dressed up and looking cute that I had to take her picture.

Cute Pictures!

These are the bunk beds we bought a few months ago from a family in our church that were moving to Africa. I actually took this picture to have a record of the purple room. It was re-painted pink a couple of weeks ago. Of course, I haven't taken any pictures of that yet.
This dress my mom wore for a tap recital. She was able to re-make this one also.

I did a ballet recital in this outfit when I was in Junior high and my mom was able to re-make the dress so that the girls could use it for dress-up. If we are not going somewhere on any given day, then the girls pretty much wear dress-up clothes all day.

Be a mommy to her baby. Addy likes to pose and have her picture taken.

They are all so precious.

Savannah has already told us we need another baby ( a girl) for Landon to play with.

He gets lots of love.


Isn't he cute?

Our Day at the Children's Kaleidescope Museum

A new Children's museum opened in town. It has a children sized doctors office, beauty parlor, grocery store, cafe, post office. Our kids really enjoyed it. The other half of the building was a big rock wall, big activity center with slides, stairs, etc. and a two-story doll house, craft area, and a dress-up area with a stage. The pictures below show some of the things we did on this day.

Her first and LAST time in jail. I cuffed her to this bar(for the picture) and then couldn't figure out how to open them to get her hand out. Zack had to rescue her. Way to go
Daddy! Addy in the pretend jail.

Addy in the cheerleader outfit-singing.

Savannah singing Silent Night on the stage. The microphone actually worked and she stood there and belted out the whole song. So Bold! Wish I would have had my video camera.

Playing dress-up on the stage.

Eating her pretend lunch she prepared in the cafe area.

Addy like being the cashier/checker at the grocery store. It worked well since Savannah liked shopping.

This was the grocery store. Savannah loved filling her cart.